The Baptista Physiotherapy Clinic

Open since 2013, the Clinic has 5 physiotherapists and meets all your needs. Depending on the nature of your accident or illness, you will be referred to the best ablespecialist therapist to take care of you.

Our services are reimbursed by LAA and LAMAL insurance under medical prescription.

Physical therapists are examining the patient's body.

State-of-the-art equipment and techniques

The Clinic has a fitness room (with treadmill, bike, trampoline…). All machines are suitable for people with difficulties. Muscle strengthening therapy is offered (MTT physiotherapy) using various devices adapted to each part of the body, including an ultrasound technique.

Thanks to our laser for shock waves, we practice electrotherapy.

To practice hydrotherapy, we go to the Alfaset center, where swimming pools are reserved for us.


Kinetec® equipment rental

The Clinic rents Kinetec® post-operative equipment. Contact us to find out more.


A philosophy that puts people first

The Clinic’s philosophy is to treat a biopsychosocial being: we take into account the psychological, social and biological factors of each pathology. We try to understand the patient as a whole.

To promote a dialogue, all the cabins of the cabinet are closed with walls, and therefore isolated from each other. Treatment is a time when the patient can open up and talk about everything, which helps us find the trigger of psychosomatic illness which is very important for the treatment.


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